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"Effects of coated maize seed on honey bees"

Report based on results obtained from the first

With reference to D.M. 19735/7303/08 dated 29th December 2008, which grants the AgriculturalResearch Council(CRA) a contribution to conduct the research project "APENET monitoring and research in bee-keeping", and upon the request, expressed in the letter bearing the protocol nr. 611 dated 12th January 2009 in which the Decree itself is transmitted, to award priority to experimentson the effects induced in bees by coated maize, the present survey outlines the first results obtained in the framework of the research lines pertaining to the above-stated project. Such a priority was granted following suspension of use of the active ingredients which are used against harmful soil insects and sap-sucking insects: imidacloprid, clothianidin, thiamethoxam and fipronil for seed coating (Ministerial Decree 17/09/2008).