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Comunicating Rural Development to Citizens
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This project aims at identifying and sharing the best rural development experiences in communication coming from Member States, so that the experiences themselves could be considered as examples of European fund proper investments.

Theáaim is givingáa growth-promoting effect on information campaigns, which have reached their own scheduled targets by using new tools as well, such as web communication, social network, cross media and viral marketing, etc.

There are different steps involved in the above mentioned project, starting from gathering effective communication material both at national and international basis up to presenting this material during the related event organized in Milan, 17-18 November 2011(see location on map).

Here a multimedia exhibition was held to promote the best communication and information initiatives at local, national and international level.
The Member States and Italian Regions' presentations as well as all the printed and audio-visual material (IT/EN), together with the NRN-Italy magazine (IT/EN) collecting a selection of the best communication experiences of the NRN and Italian Regions are available under the sections "Presentations" and "Resources".