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Good practices within the network

 In the last few years, the knowledge of good practices in the different rural development areas of intervention and the need of collating and disseminating information on good practices have been constantly increasing within the "auditing" of stakeholders taking part in NRN services thanks to the acknowledgment of comparing the different experiences and know-how.  Furthermore, experiences involving several institutional authorities, universities, research centers, professional organizations, private stakeholders and associations have been developed even under rural development policies. As a result, the related Task Force "Good Practices" conducted a census concerning actors, databases, portals, rural development good practices guides and transnational guides, as well. Thanks to this census, the service "Good Practices within the Network" has been defined to be also available for all the portal users www.reterurale.it. Within the page on Good Practices, it is possible for users to use a kind of tool simplifying the research for practices which are listed and registered by different actors but involving, in the same time, topics related to rural development polices. The thematic sections include specific pages with a brief description summarizing the related contents linked, in turn, to the reported sites and the databases listed therein.
The users have a proactive role using this service: for each topic, indeed, it is possible to provide a snapshot on other sections or sites involving good practices.
This service will be constantly updated thanks to users' alerts and also to the Task Force research for a Systematic exchange of information available on the websites.