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About us
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What is National Rural Network?

 The National Rural Network is a project that gives Italy the chance to take part in a wider European project (European Network for Rural Development- ENRD), thus joining and completing all the activities as to rural area development for the whole period 2007-2013.
This project aims at supporting rural area development policies and even at fostering a greater and more efficient level of interaction and exchange of expertise between the related stakeholders, institutions and those working and living in rural areas.

The related approach
One of the key goals of NRN is to strengthen the flows of information and communication between the different levels of rural stakeholders. On the one hand, our Network increases the value of Italian territory productive potentials, on the other hand, it identifies critical points, thus improving its governance.
How the Network works: the related Actors
Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies
INEA (National Institute of Agricultural Economics)
ISMEA (Institute of services for the agro-food markets)
SIN (National Information System)
Network added value
Strengthening NSP/RSP - National and Regional Strategic Plans effects (quality of intervention procedures, related impacts on rural areas; sustain to "n + 2" expenditure, other policies integration);

Highlighting and drawing much more attention to rural policies by breaking up rural area divisions.
The Network measures
- First step: improving governance
- Second step: strengthening management and planning abilities
- Third step: spreading knowledge and best practises

The project activities aim at joining the key goals referred to in the National Strategic Plan (NSP), the EU Strategic Guidelines and the European Rural Network. The organization of network activities is carried out by three specific institutions: the National Unit in charge of Animation and Coordination (UNAC), internal body at the Ministry of Agricultural Policies; the Network Regional Sites (PRR), UNAC local and regional bodies and the "Steering committee " with addressing and monitoring functions.
The main Network challenges
Allow as much participation as possible as far as policy management is concerned
Open up new national perspectives by creating a rural system able to get through national divisions
Open up new international perspectives by working together with international partners in favour of rural area development
Importing best practises and innovations