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Videofarmers 3

Professional documentaries on young farmers. The winners of the third edition of "New success factors".

News and events
  1. [18/09/15] Corto e Fieno: Rural Film Festival              
    Lake Orta, 18-20 September 2015    

  2. logo evento

    [14/09/15] International exhibition "WorldFood Moscow"          
     Moscow, 14-17 September 2015                                    

  3. EAAE logo

    [14/04/15] New EAAE seminar "Intellectual Property rights for Geographical Indications: what is at stake in the TTIP?"    
    University of Parma, April 14-15 2015

  4. [23/03/15] Workshop "SaveWaterReuseWater: The ACCBAT Strategic Project"             

    Rome, 23 March 2015         

  5. [18/03/15] Public Debate "Food security and food quality in the context of the new CAP"         
    Rome, 18th March 2015         

Best of 2007-2013

This repository  promotes a selection of some of the best products of the Italian National Rural Network from the past Programming period divided into categories.  This project provides a toolkit as a point of reference for stakeholders  in the rural development sector, institutional partners and the general public.

Organic farming in EU

Infographics on organic farming available in 23 languages on  EU Commission web site.